2017 CCFF

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Who We Are

The Catoosa County Film Festival (CCFF), we are focused on providing a friendly and fun atmosphere for the three days of the film festival with moderate pricing for entry and day and weekend passes for people. We offer individual awards for the different genres as well as overall awards.

The event will be catered all three days starting with a dinner on Friday, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday.

We also have a group of preferred hotels and transportation from them to and from the venue for all three days. 

We are currently working on getting a panel of well known judges from the entertainment industry to assist in judging the finalist as well as having some special guests coming from across the U.S. to hold panels and demonstrations.

Why Us?

This is the first film festival to be held in Catoosa County, and Screenworkxdigital is working to make this festival an annual event.

We are working hard to accommodate that by offering some of the best benefits for our guests and vendors during the three days of the event.

For example a vendor can choose between a four or eight foot table for their merchandise and their badges are transferable to anyone in their company eighteen and over who they see fit to oversee their table. This is in case the person who is there has to work, a family issue, or anything else arises that may take them away from their table. The vendors also get a discount on multiple badges for their table.

Our event does not take a percentage or set any guidelines for the special guests, vendors or anyone else who may want to sell merchandise, take pictures, or sell autographs during this event. This is solely up to the vendor or artist.